UK British Movie Poster Artists…

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star_wars_ver4the man who fell to earth

Tom Chantrell                                    Vic Fair

mean streets strausfeld

Peter Strausfeld


Eric Pulford & Renato Fratini

Arnaldo Putzu

honkytonk man48Hrs_onesheet_UK-1

Tom Beauvais                                              Brian Bysouth

Blood Runs Deep…

…all the way back to the 70s (French Connection)! (IMP)


French Cape Fear!

les-yeux-du-temoin-affichecape fear

White House Downers?

Another disturbing trend: American disaster movies. (IMP)

WHD_ONLN_1SHT_CPTL_01.inddwhite_house_down_xlgWHD_ONLN_1SHT_CPTL_01.inddolympus_has_fallenday_after_tomorrow_ver4independence day postercloverfield-movie-poster2012 movie poster

Have A Good Friday…

…and an even better Easter Sunday (even if you don’t celebrate)! (image courtesy of MPS)

Long Good Friday quad poster

Emperor of the Rising Sun

There’s a new General MacArthur movie coming out with Tommy Lee Jones leading the way in Emperor…(IMP)



The new Iceman poster looks a lot better than the 1984 one-sheet starring Timothy Hutton (right) — but the coolest Iceman by far is, of course, George Gervin and his vintage 1970s Nike poster.

iceman_ver2iceman 1984 postericeman

Django Double Feature!

Before Quentin Tarantino’s Django is Unchained across cineplexes on Christmas Day, there will be a limited release of Sergio Corbucci’s 1966 original film, Django, on 12/21 to give audiences some backstory of the spaghetti western. (Deadline Hollywood)

django_unchaineddjango italian movie poster2