Fiscal Clift?

Who would’ve thunk that all these expensive Montgomery Clift posters were causing the world’s debt crisis? Guess I wouldn’t expect anything less than top dollar from such iconic Internationally-known artists as Roger Soubie (top left, middle, lower middle), Mac Gomez (top right), and Boris Grinsson (bottom right).

Brini Is Beautiful!

If the drawing styles of Toulouse Lautrec and Osvaldo Venturi were to meet up in a dark alley, then you might come out smelling like a rose with the bright watercolory beauties of Italian movie poster artist, Ercole Brini.

From The Bicycle Thief to Blow-Up, his romantic paintings posters added a touch of elegance to whomever was appearing in them — especially his striking, sophisticated portraits of women — as Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren would surely attest. And just his name sounds like one of today’s fashion world gurus…Georgio Armani, Henri Bendel…Ercole Brini! (via DominiqueBesson and MoviePosterDB)