Argentinean / Spanish / Mexican Movie Poster Artists…

bonnie and clyde spanish movie posters mac gomezoceans 11 spanish movie poster mcp

Mac Gomez                                        Estudio MCP

 Movie Poster by Osvaldo Venturilost weekend argentinean movie poster
Osvaldo Venturi                                  Essex

mogambo spanish movie poster janoblack magic cagliostro-argentinean poster aniram

Jano                                                  Aniram

los interesadasnacha regules argentinean movie poster rafmarius de zayas stieglitz metropolitan2
Ernesto Garcia Cabral        RAF                              Marius de Zayas

Vive Sara Montiel!

It has not been a good week for high-profile women as we’ve already lost Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello — and it’s only Tuesday.

And now comes word that Sara Montiel, the Spanish actress of Vera Cruz and other English language films, has died at the age of 85. In terms of crossing over to the Hollywood mainstream, Ms. Montiel was before her time — however, as you can see below, her attractive portfolio of movie posters are timeless! (Tango art by Harfort (top left), Carmen by O’Kley (top middle) and Mac Gomez (top right), and La Belle De Mexico by Constantin Belinsky.) (DHD)

mon-dernier-tango affiche harfortcarmen de grenada affiche o'kleycarmen spanish movie poster mac gomezla belle de mexico poster sarita montiel belinsky

Fiscal Clift?

Who would’ve thunk that all these expensive Montgomery Clift posters were causing the world’s debt crisis? Guess I wouldn’t expect anything less than top dollar from such iconic Internationally-known artists as Roger Soubie (top left, middle, lower middle), Mac Gomez (top right), and Boris Grinsson (bottom right).

Mac World!

Welcome to the wonderfully passionate world of Spanish movie poster artist, Macario “Mac” Gomez. I could go on and on about this legend, but I think you’ll find Masats Xavier’s all things Mac Gomez blog much more complete and in depth (note: use the Google Translate button if you don’t speak Español).