You Down With MCP?

…yeah, you know me! The wonderful Spanish movie poster trifecta dubbed Estudio MCP (not to be mixed up with The BCM Studio of Italy) — specifically, Ramon Marti, Josep Clave, and Hernan Pico — first appeared on my radar when they were featured in the coffeetable classic, Art of the Modern Movie Poster, by Dave Kehr and Sam Sarowitz, aka Mr. Posteritati.

Sticking to their specialty of film noir and action dramas, the MCP set Español cinemas on fire from the 1950s into the early 1970s with their red hot-blooded designs.

Chronicle Books Movie Poster Spree!

Chronicle Books, that tasteful chronicle of movie poster books (and much more), is having a haul-iday contest in which bloggers and their readers can win a $500 shopping spree!

Even though it’s obviously a clever promo, CB has the wares to back it up. Over the past year, I’ve bragged ad nauseum about their awesome Art of the Modern Movie Poster (by Sam Sarowitz of Posteritati and Dave Kehr) — but they’ve also published a beautiful bounty of poster art books in the past, including The Star Wars Poster Book, Picture Show: Classic Movie Posters from the TCM Archives, Trash, Surf Movies Tonite!, and James Bond Movie Posters (which, unfortunately, is out of stock). And they’ve also released a few rockin’ art titles, too, like The Small Stakes: Music Posters and Gig Posters.

Plus, even if you don’t win the contest, they’re having a Friends & Family Sale through December 5, so just enter the promo code “FRIENDS” and you can get 35% off any books you choose…even non poster books such as The Art of Mcsweeney’s or The Projectionist, an intriguing new release about a small town movie theatre projectionist who once built a fully-functional miniature version of a grand movie palace in his basement. Sounds like a Charlie Kaufman movie waiting to happen!

So feel free to comment about your love of movie poster books and let’s win this sucker!