Polish German Russian Movie Poster Artists…

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great gatsby poster polish jerzy flisakklute polish poster mlodozeniec

Jerzy Flisak                                        Jan Mlodozeniec

the muppet movie swierzy polish movie posterpolish poster_the professionals wiktor gorka
Waldemar Swierzy                              Wiktor Gorka

butterfield8 german movie poster hans braunmaltese falcon german poster hans hillman
Hans Braun                                       Hans Hillman

metropolis french movie poster boris bilinsky
Boris Bilinsky

polish_23x33_sabrina_JC03579_Lpolish_26x38_cabaret_R88 poster pagowski

Maciej Zbikowski                                Andrzej Pagowski

the american friend movie poster sickerts55 days at peking german poster klaus ruttersstenberg bros russian film poster2

Sickert                             Klaus Rutters             Georgii and Vladimir Stenberg

And let’s not forget these enchanting Danish poster artists below…

stalag_17 danish poster wenzelrear window danish movie poster stillingdanish_this_man_must_die_JM00953_L

Karl Wenzel                       Stilling                            Stevenov

Built by Bilinsky

Fritz Lang’s 1927 sci-fi classic, Metropolis, could hardly be more timely now with today’s troubling economy pitting wealthy owners versus the working class.

And with the ten-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks this weekend, I thought it fitting to commemorate the work of Russian-born costume designer — yes, I said, costume designer — Boris Bilinsky (not to be confused with that other Belinsky), who also apparently dabbled in designing movie posters as seen below by these one-sheet architectural marvels that he constructed way back in the roaring 20s. (MoviePosterDB)