Good Natured

Is Patton Oswalt going Up the Creek (poster art by Dan Gouzee) or on a Cannonball Run (Drew Struzan)? Whatever the case, I’m liking this 1970’s throwback one-sheet for his new comedy, Nature Calls

Moon Shots!

No matter where in the world you were this weekend, hopefully you had a chance to check out the supermoon. And nobody liked to go full moon on their movie posters more than Steven Spielberg and ’80s poster design legend, John Alvin!

The Clash Is Back!

I guess this weekend’s box office numbers left little doubt that remakes make money. Here’s the innocent little original 80’s posters (by Gouzee and The Hildebrandt Bros, respectively) compared to the amped-up 2010 version.

The Seiniger Rules

Tony Seiniger once led a team called “The New York Yankees of the movie advertising world” and dominated the 80’s with posters for Field of Dreams, Born on the Fourth of July, and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles — and employed some of the best posters artists around, including Drew Struzan and Dan Gouzee. But their most famous design was undoubtedly that for Jaws, which featured the shark-art of Roger Kastel.

Also, here’s an interesting website by an ex-Seiniger employee who recounts the 80’s glory days and also some movie poster designs that never saw the light of day…until now.

Gouzee’s Doozies

His name is Gouzee. Daniel Gouzee. Or Dan Gouzee for short. And I can’t figure out why this artist isn’t more well-known since he’s only contributed to some of the most popular movie franchises in motion picture history (i.e. James Bond). Oh well. Sit back and enjoy his work!