Rumble Fish Express

It’s a showbiz smackdown: The Boys of Entourage Vs. Seth Rogen & Co.! Can’t these guys all just get along? Maybe they should go back outside The Polo Lounge and settle this thing Coppola-style…

rumble fish express2

Where’s Motorcycle Boy when you need him?

Entourage Mirage


HBO’s sixth season of ENTOURAGE is back on the air and here’s some Queens Blvd, compliments of Rigo. Remember the Medellin!


Jeremy Piven Doing Mamet’s Next Movie?

mercury rising piven

Kind of an old story, but…According to Variety, Jeremy Piven, a.k.a. Ari from ENTOURAGE, recently dropped out of David Mamet’s broadway production of Speed-the-Plow due to mercury poisoning.

Let’s hope they can put that all behind them and work together again soon…