Corben’s Horrors

Besides his work on Phantom of the Paradise (below), notable comic book illustrator, Richard Vance Corben, also did some gruesomely handsome work on Heavy Metal and the aptly-titled, Spookies. Similar in style to fellow fantasy phenoms, Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo, Corben garnered a strong following for his underground comics and short films.

Frazetta Family Fiasco!

The early work of Frank Frazetta mimicked the cartoony silliness of the late 60’s and 70’s. However, later on, his style drastically evolved and he is now commonly known as one of the preeminent creators of fantasy art, doing the paperback covers for Tarzan and Conan.

But just last week, Mr. Frazetta’s world of fantasy came crashing back to reality as police arrested his son, Frank Frazetta Jr., for breaking into the family museum and attempting to steal $20 million worth of his father’s artwork. Now that story in itself could be a movie!

Check out the news story on YouTube here.