The Flash Man Cometh!

Fresh off his Oscars gig, if you haven’t yet seen Ted, the Seth MacFarlane summer hit comedy with a dirty-talking teddy bear — there’s a funny subplot involving the Mark Wahlberg character’s infatuation with the 1980 superhero film, Flash Gordon.

So what better moment to go back in time to match up that 80s classic with this old 60s French poster? (FilmsPosters)

flash gordonflashman french poster


If life were fair, you would have already heard of Larry Noble a long time ago (in fact, maybe some of you Star Wars fans have)…

IMHO, Larry Noble is probably one of the more underrated movie poster artists of the 70’s and 80’s. (Actually, I guess he goes by Lawrence nowadays!) And if you agree, he’s still out there working today — although he has since moved onto sculpture as his preferred medium and you can check out some of his highly collectible Yoda figures here.

Legend of the Day: Richard Amsel (1947-1985)

Probaby best known for his iconic Raiders of the Lost Ark work, Richard Amsel had a brief but prolific career and was recently honored with a retrospective at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia…