No Payne, No Gain!

One of Hollywood’s cleverest directors, Alexander Payne, is coming out with The Descendants this weekend, starring George Clooney. Although Payne’s résumé boasts quality over quantity, let’s hope we see more from him sooner than later.

Also, if you didn’t see his short, but sweetly subtle gem from Paris Je’taime, feel free to sample it below…

Poster Ripoff Flashback!

My belated apologies, but methinks the first Oceans 11 remake poster (2001) took some very definite, ahem, creative license from a band called The Smithereens and their much, much lesser-known 1989 album cover, 11.

Poster Ripoff?

If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, then the poster makers of The Adjustment Bureau must be head over heels crazy about Michael Clayton.

Remake Monday: Solarises

It sounds like psoriasis — but Solaris was a fairly popular sci-fi pic made in 1972. I first came upon the splendid Russian poster below on the cover of The Art of the Modern Movie Poster (second from left). The film was later relaunched in 2002 (or, some might say had a failure to launch) with George Clooney.