Yesterday we unleashed Jack The Ripper and today we’re going to lift up the sheets on The Stripper, a little-known 60’s B-movie starring Joanne Woodward who, as you may well know, was happily married to Paul Newman for 50+ years. The top two French versions of the poster were done by French kingpin-up artist, Boris Grinsson.

The Terraces

In The Art of The Modern Movie Poster, Sam Sarowitz (of Posteritati fame) does a poster breakdown for a few select movie titles, comparing and contrasting the various International poster designs from each country. So I thought I’d do that here with From The Terrace (1960), a not-so-popular film adaptation of John O’Hara’s bestseller, starring then-newlyweds, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Check out the official trailer here.

My personal favorite is the French version, which was done by notable artist, Georges Kerfyser.