The Russians Are Coming!

In the past, I haven’t featured many ANY Russian movie posters on the Meansheets, but here’s a colorful trifecta that seem worthy of mentioning — Solaris, The Professional, and the 80’s Mel Gibson drama, The River.

(*Full Disclosure: the Solaris poster (top left) was featured prominently on the cover of the excellent Art of the Modern Movie Poster book.)

The Terraces

In The Art of The Modern Movie Poster, Sam Sarowitz (of Posteritati fame) does a poster breakdown for a few select movie titles, comparing and contrasting the various International poster designs from each country. So I thought I’d do that here with From The Terrace (1960), a not-so-popular film adaptation of John O’Hara’s bestseller, starring then-newlyweds, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Check out the official trailer here.

My personal favorite is the French version, which was done by notable artist, Georges Kerfyser.

Grinsson and Bear It

The world tour of movie posters takes us back to 1950’s France and the home of legendary French artist, Boris Grinsson. This guy must be pretty good as his work will be on display this weekend at the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences in Beverly Hills.

Check out his rich, colorful renditions of such classics as The Hustler, Double Indemnity, Some Like It Hot, and From Russia With Love. And if you really enjoy his stuff, go buy the book at Posteritati.

Gift Books!

Still looking for gifts for fellow movie poster fans? Check out The Art of the Modern Movie Poster from Chronicle Books.

It’s an excellent resource on the history of one-sheets, emphasizing International designs. In fact, after reading this baby, I discovered that a recently purchased poster of mine from was created by Osvaldo Venturi, a prominent Argentinean artist in the 30’s and 40’s. And only $12!