Lotta Lincolns!

Honest Abe would be rolling over in his grave if he knew that this John Wilkes Booth-inspired poster for Birth of A Nation (left) recently sold for over $48,000…(HA)

birth of a nation movie posterlincoln movie poster

Land of Lincoln

In honor of Election Day, I thought it appropriate to celebrate one of our most respected leaders, President Abraham Lincoln — who seems to be trending again with the recent Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and the upcoming Spielberg epic, Lincoln.

And in case you missed it, Louis CK also did a funny spoof of him on SNL this weekend — which you can check out HERE.

Daniel Day-Lincoln?

Steven Spielberg’s highly-anticipated historical drama, Lincoln, comes out this fall — and Dreamworks has just released this first image of British/Irish-Anglo thespian, Daniel Day-Lewis, as the iconic American President (not the Vampire Hunter).