Mondo Movie Posters!

“It’s sexy time!”, to paraphrase Borat, as we delve into the strange, sensational, hyper-sexualized film genre known as Mondo (not to be confused with the other Mondo gang at Alamo Drafthouse).

Before Reality TV, the creation of Italian mondo cinema in the 1960s gave birth to a weird world of exploitation documentaries that covered many taboo subjects, including sex, death, and pretty much anything else that could either turn you on or creep you out (thank you, Russ Meyer!).

But the one good thing to come out of all this depravity is a remarkably gorgeous portfolio of movie posters, featuring artwork from such mainstream International designers as Manfredo Acerbo and Constantin Belinsky. (Images courtesy of Film Art Gallery and EMP.)

You Broke My Heart, Man-fredo…

Manfredo Acerbo, who signed his posters with just his first name, had a talent for design with his loose, sophisticated, painterly style. Certainly, there are other Italian poster artists with much higher profile credits on their résumé (namely, Ercole Brini), but Manfredo’s work is just as pretty — even if the films themselves were not.