Cool Legos Posters

lego jawslego reservoir

Can’t wait to see what they do with Lincoln Logs…

Check ’em out at Speckyboy via the Moviegoods blog. Or just go to the Craig Lyons Flickr page.

Shameless Self-Promotional Poster #1

mean season sheets

Before Kurt Russell brought us OVERBOARD and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, there was THE MEAN SEASON…with a very scary guy who played the boss in THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS with Michael J. Fox.

And Introducing Meansheets

mean sheets master2

Welcome to da mean streets of MeanSheets, starring The World’s Most Awesome Movie Poster Spoofs. Okay, “World’s Most Awesome” might be an overstatement, but you gotta start somewhere.

We’re looking for the best and the brightest…who can do the crudest and the cheesiest. Send in your favorite mash-up movie posters now!