Used Cars Posters

That vintage movie poster purveyor, EatBrie, has picked himself up some sweet lemons with these delightful door panels from the 1980 auto-comedy, Used Cars…which will nicely complement his already burgeoning Zemeckis Collection.

Btw, the one-sheet on the lower left was designed by Roger Huyssen and the International caricature version on the lower right is credited to Sandy Kossin.

Remake Monday: The Things

Howard Hawks (1951) vs. John Carpenter (1982) — with some help from Drew Struzan on the poster.



Here’s a cute little dude doing his best Kurt Russell impersonation from the USA hockey movie, The Miracle…Sign him up, CAA!

Shameless Self-Promotional Poster #1

mean season sheets

Before Kurt Russell brought us OVERBOARD and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, there was THE MEAN SEASON…with a very scary guy who played the boss in THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS with Michael J. Fox.