It’s NOT A Movie Poster Disaster…

The new one-sheet for It’s A Disaster offers an updated take on one of my all-time favorite 80s movie posters — the Burt Reynolds starrer, Paternity (designed by Birney Lettick), as well as the Belushi-Spielberg comedy, 1941. (IMP)

paternity1941 movie poster wild bill wants you belushiits_a_disaster

Meansheets Wants You…

…to have a fantastic 4th of July weekend! So whether you are from the good ol’ USA or the lovely UK or Europe or somewhere else in this great big beautiful world, I thought I’d celebrate the upcoming American holiday with a slew of Uncle Sam-themed movie posters!

(Btw, the Burt Reynolds Paternity poster is by one of my favorite US artists, the greatly underrated Mr. Birney Lettick.)

No Smoking For The Bandit.

Upon hearing of Burt Reynolds‘ recent heart surgery (and expected full recovery!), I got a little wistful recalling some of his more popular movies from the 70’s and 80’s. Other than Clint Eastwood, I can’t think of another movie star who was featured in so many cool posters — if not, entirely successful movies. And I’m not talking about the macho, rugged, respectable Deliverance Burt or The Longest Yard Burt — I mean the funny, goofy, cheesy Burt from Paternity (by of my faves, Birney Lettick) and Stroker Ace…Get well, Burt. We love ya!

Let There Be Lettick (1919-1986)

Whenever I’m browsing through DVDs of old 70’s and 80’s movies, I’m always attracted to this former magazine illustrator’s work. You see, when Birney Lettick was not busy doing movie posters, he apparently had a very prolific career drawing portraits of such powerful figures as Ayatollah Khomeini and Ronald Reagan for Time.

And what an unusual spelling of his name! I’ve heard of a lotta Bernies before (Bernie Mac, Bernie Madoff, Bernie Kopell, etc.) — but never Birney. So if you’re in the mood, take a moment to stop your world and melt with Birney’s Valley Girl and many other classics.