The Grand Iluzjon

If the names Flisak, Mlodozeniec, and Swierzy make your eyeballs go in a tizzy, then you’ll be thrilled to witness the Iluzjon of beautiful Polish movie posters on display at 18 Hewett Street in London this week (Oct. 19-29), compliments of EyeSeaPosters and Protein.

There’s also a special preview night on Oct. 18 where I’m sure the Polish vodka will be honored as well!

Film Art From Behind the Iron Curtain

Movie poster fans, tear down those walls! If you happen to be anywhere near South Carolina this fall, then be sure to check out Dr. Matthew Johnston’s exquisite exhibition of Eastern European movie posters at Wofford College.

And for those unable to see the show in person, there’s always Pinterest! (APF)

Postering Polanski

Jan Lenica, the Polish poster wunderkind, had a unique relationship with fellow Pole, Roman Polanski, during the film director’s burgeoning career in the 1960s.

Although chiefly famous for his luscious theatrical/opera designs, Lenica added some blotchy-but-beautiful touches to many of Polanski’s eerie early films.

Seeing Red

Speaking of EMoviePoster, they’re having their big four-part December 2010 Mini/Major Auction of one sheets, rolled posters, linenbacked items, and all sorts of everything ephemera…