We Need To Talk To Roman Polanski

With awards season in full swing, I think We Need To Talk About Kevin has won the Oscar for Most Variations of One-Sheet Designs.

And the marketing dept might be running out of ideas since this latest poster bears a striking resonance to Polanski’s baby Rosemary’s Baby. (ImpAwards)

Postering Polanski

Jan Lenica, the Polish poster wunderkind, had a unique relationship with fellow Pole, Roman Polanski, during the film director’s burgeoning career in the 1960s.

Although chiefly famous for his luscious theatrical/opera designs, Lenica added some blotchy-but-beautiful touches to many of Polanski’s eerie early films.

Carnage Knowledge

Roman Polanski’s new movie-based-on-a-play, Carnage, seems to have a lot in common with some of those foursome films of the 1970’s — Carnal Knowledge and Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice — except without the sex!

Bored and Repulsed?

Enzo Nistri seems a little bored while Roman Polanski presents the art of Repulsion.

Roman’s Holiday?

polanskiEverybody has an opinion regarding Roman Polanski’s recent arrest.

Whether you think he’s guilty or innocent, I highly recommend the excellent HBO documentary about the case. It was like the OJ Simpson case of its day with sex, drugs, and a Lance Ito-ish media whore judge.