The Magnificent Mel at Movie and PosterNirvana recently posted these tricked out UK teasers from the magical 2006 Christopher Nolan film, The Prestige (via APF)

Poster Nirvana Rocks!

If Kurt Cobain were alive today, he might say that the movie poster collection on Poster Nirvana was in full bloom. Mel, the owner, just recently started collecting back in March 2009 and has quickly amassed a nice solid stash of contemporary classics — and his website neatly divvies up his holdings by ratings, decade, genres, and sub-genres. Another cool facet of his site is the “Recalled Section” where he provides some interesting back stories to how and why several big-time movie posters (Clockers, Dick Tracy, Pulp Fiction, and more) were pulled by their respective studios over the years.

Although it appears that he’s a major fan of the franchises like Star Wars and James Bond films, he also has an impeccable knack for display as he seamlessly mixes in 60’s and 70’s mod pieces with 21st Century one-sheets …and yet somehow makes it all work. And I’m sure his framer must be one happy guy/gal!