Pickup My Posters!

There is quite a bit of controversy about the pros and cons of linenbacking/poster restoration, as evident on such passionate movie poster forums as MoPO and APF — but check out this cool before and after job done on the classic 1950’s bad girl one sheet, Pickup, by Dario Casadei of Vintage Movie Art.

Even if you aren’t a fan of movie poster repair, Casadei’s informative website uncovers some illuminating tricks and pics of the process…


The Magnificent Mel at Movie PosterCollectors.com and PosterNirvana recently posted these tricked out UK teasers from the magical 2006 Christopher Nolan film, The Prestige (via APF)


The AllPosterForum recently had a Sci-Fi smackdown about the iconic 60’s Barbarella poster featuring the artwork of several top movie poster artists such as Robert McGinnis (top left), Boris Vallejo (top, third from left), and The Hildebrandt Bros (top, far right)…


WARNING: This post is not promoting domestic abuse — but merely just highlighting a few strange illustration quirks from the Let-Me-Slap-Some-Sense-Into-You-Mentality of the 1950s. Funny how they expressed relationship drama back then. Can you imagine how focus groups would react now if they put out a one sheet with Leonardo DiCaprio slugging his female co-star?

In any event, here’s another Movie Poster Smackdown Slapdown! (Le Tumulte is by Boris Grinsson and 99 River Street comes courtesy of Paul Waines at the All Poster Forum, which you should join immediately if you enjoy the wonderful world of movie posters.

Poster Crush: EatBrie!

EatBrie, the humble home of Thierry Brame’s movie poster collection, is a feast for the eyes. The modest Brame will tell you that his bounty is no big deal, but don’t believe a word of it! Rumored to have the world’s largest stash of Spielberg one-sheets (aside from Mr. Spielberg, I’m sure), Brame’s website breaks down his posters into an easy searchable database by Actors/Actresses, Director, Genre, Country of Origin, Release Date — and, my personal favorite, Last 100 Purchases, where he shows off his most recent mouth-watering buys.

So if you have an insatiable appetite for movie posters, dig into EatBrie — and join his All Poster Forum!