Best of Bardot

Monday’s mention of Claudia Schiffer doing her best Brigitte Bardot in the Guess Jeans ads made me realize…why not show the real thing? After all, it’s no accident that many of the world’s greatest French poster artists — including Rene Peron, Jean Mascii, Guy Gerard Noel, and Clement Hurel — have done some of their best work to capture her.

Though by no means a definitive list, here’s a few of Bardot’s best…

The Art of Péron

René Péron (1904-1972), the dynamic French artist who was highlighted yesterday for his Caine Mutiny masterpiece, established himself and his art deco style in the 1920’s and never looked back as he designed posters for some of the era’s most memorable films (King Kong, 1933), mixing his rich, vibrant colors and elegant portraiture for six decades. Viva el Péron!

When Péron Met Bogey…

The Caine Mutiny was not René Péron’s only collaboration with Humphrey Bogart as these other movie posters below show this was more than just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Here’s looking at you, kids…

Movie Poster Mutiny!

I’ve never really been much of a boat person, but these French posters of The Caine Mutiny sure bring out the beauty of the drama, especially the work of artist, Rene Peron (bottom)!


Most cinephiles love Alfred Hitchcock — or at least appreciate the consistent output of “The Master of Suspense”. So now I’d like to combine two things we all can admire — Hitchcock and the French posters of his movies, many of which were done by Boris Grinsson (Vertigo, Rope, The Man Who Knew Too Much, To Catch A Thief) and the super glamorous Roger Soubie (Notorious, North By Northwest).

(Disclaimer: Rear Window is actually the Belgian version, but I couldn’t resist!).