Black Rock Friday!

The indie female-driven thriller, Black Rock, washes up at movie theatres this weekend — and I’m digging the new spin on a classic taken by Ignition Print for the one-sheet. Inspired by such designers as Bill Gold (Deliverance), Jason Munn (Treasure Island Music Festival), and Steve Frankfurt (Rosemary’s Baby), this Black Rock poster is solid! (IMP)

deliverance frenchtreasure island festrosemarys babyblack_rock_ver2_xlg

Win One For The Gips-ter!

It has been brought to my attention that Philip Gips designed the posters that I had previously credited solely to Steve Frankfurt. The pair worked closely together on a number of their projects in which Frankfurt was the lead art director, including Rosemary’s Baby and All That Jazz — and even formed their own New York ad agency, Frankfurt Gips Balkind.

Anyway, let’s give it up for co-creator Mr. Gips and some of his best work…

Steve Frankfurt, Movie Poster Design Legend

Named one of AdAge’s People of the Century as well as being inducted into The Art Directors Hall of Fame, Steve Frankfurt has conquered both Madison Avenue and Hollywood. His title designs for Downhill Racer and Rosemary’s Baby are both routinely listed in the Top 100 posters of all-time. Not content though to merely dominate the worlds of legit entertainment, he once even did a remarkable campaign for a porno (Emmanuelle).