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Eddie Munster Meets Planet of the Apes?

Like most movie stars, even great poster artists sometimes did the work for a paycheck. Case in point: this scary-looking Mexican horror flick by Italian legend, Ezio Tarantelli, called Korang: Night of the Bloody Apes — as he appears alongside his weird French cousin.

When Monsters Met Maidens…

From December 14-18, 2012, The Swann Auction Galleries presents Monsters and Maidens: A Film Poster Collection, featuring some of the darnedest damsels in distress designs that any movie poster lover has seen, including works by (clockwise from top left): Roger Soubie, Boris Grinsson, Alfredo Capitani, and Anselmo Ballester. (MOPO)

planete interdite french poster roger soubiethe day the earth stood still french poster boris grinssonnone shall escape italian poster anselmo ballesterjubal italian poster alfredo capitani

Monster Things?

Who says B-movie horror pics like Swamp Thing don’t inspire a legion of clones?

Movie Posters by Metallica

Enter Sandman could easily be the title of a 1940’s horror film — so Metallica fans will be thrilled to see lead guitarist Kirk Hammett’s rockin’ collection of pricey horror movie memorabilia in his new book, Too Much Horror Business…(MOPO)

Happy Haunted Halloween!

Whether you’re spending this Halloween out haunting or staying in to nest, have a howlin’ good time!

Skull-house Rock!

The Return of Halloween

I know it’s still a week early for the hallowed holiday…

But Erik Piepenburg goes Behind the Poster (NYT) to interview Austin Hinderliter for his fresh, spooky new take of the Halloween one-sheet to celebrate the classic horror film’s HD re-release…