Eddie Munster Meets Planet of the Apes?

Like most movie stars, even great poster artists sometimes did the work for a paycheck. Case in point: this scary-looking Mexican horror flick by Italian legend, Ezio Tarantelli, called Korang: Night of the Bloody Apes — as he appears alongside his weird French cousin.

Silly Soccer Posters!

In honor of yesterday’s big win by the U.S. soccer team at The Womens World Cup, here’s a few silly soccer-themed movie posters from such great Italian artists as Averardo Ciriello (left) and Ezio Tarantelli (right).

(Btw, I tried, but couldn’t find any pre-70’s vintage movie posters featuring female soccer players!)

Tarantelli’s Bastards…

We’ve heard of the great Tarantino, but what about Ezio Tarantelli? This illustrious Italian artist created a whole slew of “bella” foglios and locandinas for lots of 60s and 70s B-movies (much like Sandro Symeoni and Antonio Mos), including many spaghetti westerns — and he also had an inglorious basterd poster of his own design called Bastardo Vamos A Matar!