Green Goblin Guru

Prior to becoming the superhero artist, do you think Marvel-ous Stan Lee was a fan of vintage French wine/liquer posters, such as this classic done by the Italian-born French poster designer, Leonetto Capiello (1875-1942), who was once dubbed “the father of modern advertising”?

Next Spiderman Villain?

Okay, in the spirit of James Bond, I think I’ve found a future femme fatale for the next Spiderman flick. Check out this vintage Belinsky French poster for a 1960’s Mondo movie called Tokyorama

Black Widow Lake?

No doubt the new limited-edition Black Widow posters by indie UK artist, Olly Moss, (courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse) are all sold out by now…but perhaps Veronica Lake is still available?

Spider Kong!

For some reason, the new Amazing Spiderman one-sheet is giving me a slicker, tinglier King Kong flashback…

French Superhero Remake?

With the box office behemoth that is The Avengers, I’m sure movie studios are scouring the globe for the next big superhero franchise. How ’bout this vintage French Superman — with original poster work done by that evil design genius, Constantin Belinsky?

Spider City!

The Amazing Spider-man has already taken over Broadway, so it’ll only be a matter of time before it weaves its web all over the world’s cineplexes. And Magnificent Mel of has pointed out the new teaser’s clever homage to the original 2002 Spider-man one-sheet (left), each poster respectively reflecting on two of NYC’s greatest landmarks, The World Trade Center and Empire State Building.

Real Scary Women Wear Black!

They say real men wear black, but I beg to differ as Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe gets a little dark in this weekend’s Woman In Black

AFM Poster Bash!

The Hollywood Reporter has The 20 Most Outrageous Posters that were shown at last week’s AFM (American Film Market) convention where film distributors from all over the globe gather to showcase their sometimes schlocky B-movie wares.