Remake Monday: Just Go With It

Although the trailer looks more like a remake of the Blake Edwards’ Bo Derek-starrer, 10, the new Adam Sandler-Jennifer Aniston-Brooklyn Decker movie, Just Go With It, is actually based on the late 1960s Walter Matthau-Goldie Hawn film, Cactus Flower.

By the way, the Cactus Flower one-sheet below was done by Bond designer legend, Robert McGinnis; and the voluptuous 10 by American beauty, John Alvin. (via ImpAwards)

Movie Posters By Numbers!

Boobs’n Butts!

To get you through the long Labor Day weekend (and officially take Meansheets to a new all-time low), I’m going to top off “Body Parts Theme Week” by busting out with some of the most obvious overtly sexual movie posters!

And okay, to be fair to the opposite sex, I wanted to come up with a post called “Cocks!” — but there just weren’t enough one-sheets exposing that territory. At least none that weren’t X-Rated.

Btw, if sex truly sells — how come I haven’t heard of a lot of these movies?

John Alvin’s Chipmunks

Although Alvin & The Chipmunks are squeakin’ at the box office today, they don’t got nothin’ on legendary poster designer, John Alvin, who died tragically at the age of 59 from a heart attack back in 2008. Fortunately for us, his hopeful, inspirational work lives on…