Big Teddy

Looks like Family Guy funnyman, Seth MacFarlane, is taking aim at the family film genre with Ted…(ImpAwards)

Remake Monday: Just Go With It

Although the trailer looks more like a remake of the Blake Edwards’ Bo Derek-starrer, 10, the new Adam Sandler-Jennifer Aniston-Brooklyn Decker movie, Just Go With It, is actually based on the late 1960s Walter Matthau-Goldie Hawn film, Cactus Flower.

By the way, the Cactus Flower one-sheet below was done by Bond designer legend, Robert McGinnis; and the voluptuous 10 by American beauty, John Alvin. (via ImpAwards)


Wait…I was wrong!!!


Are Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler gonna pull a Terms of Endearment on us? Hope this doesn’t end in tears!

supersad1 MS

Also, check out these funny spoof posters from the movie for Adam Sandler’s character, George Simmons.