There’s Something Funny About Mandy…

Seven years after its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane is finally getting released into theaters — but it looks like their one-sheet took a page from Akiko Stehrenberger’s Funny Games. (Deadline)

all the boys love mandy lane poster 1shfunny games

I’ll Be Damned!

Akiko Stehrenberger is going to hell — okay, just movie poster hell — but that’s a good thing, as her haunting new Kiss of the Damned one-sheet is sure to become a horror poster classic.

Part 90s Great Expectations, part 70s Bob Peak, Stehrenberger adapts the spirits of artists’ past to create something memorable. (IMP)

kiss_of_the_damned poster akiko stehrenbergercamelotgreat_expectations_paltrowpetulia

Akikomatic Is Back!

A few months ago, I wrote about Akiko Stehrenberger, one of the most creative illustrators/art directors working in movie poster advertising today — and it appears that she’s keeping plenty busy with lots o’ cool new stuff!


The Auteurs recently did an exclusive interview with Akiko Stehrenberger, the illustrator who conceived the poster for Funny Games and many others I hadn’t seen before.