Ballester and Bass

Not too many movie poster fans mix up the rich tapestries of Italian artist, Anselmo Ballester (left), with the minimalist master, Saul Bass (right) — but here’s a strange similarity (although to be fair, the one-sheet for Phase IV, Saul Bass’s one and only feature directing credit, wasn’t done by the great Bass himself)…(Eatbrie)

In Love With Loi?

Keep On Truckin’

Here’s some International vintage posters from two classic film noir trucker films, The Long Haul (featuring the heavy workloads of Anselmo Ballester, Georges Kerfyser, and Hans Braun, respectively, in order on the top row) and Thieves Highway (Boris Grinsson, bottom).

The Miracle of Martinati

In the past, you’ve heard about the infamous Italian trio of artists who dubbed themselves The BCM Studio (BallesterCapitani-Martinati) — but I’ve yet to dedicate a single post to the movie posters credited solely to Luigi Martinati. So hang onto your hats, folks, because it doesn’t get much better than this…

Of course, if you want to be a true foglio aficionado, then do your eyes a favor and check out Dave Kehr’s enchanting-yet-simply-titled book, Italian Film Posters. (via Chisholm-Larsson and MoviePosterDB)

Hookin’ Up?

This isn’t really a fair fight considering the celebrated pedigree of the Marlon Brando classic, but here’s an ice hook smackdown between two International movie poster superstars: Anselmo Ballester (On The Waterfront) vs. Guy Gerard Noel (The Clouded Yellow)…

Ripped From The Headlines!

Judging from recent headlines, newspapers are dying off fast — but you can’t beat the stories (as I’m sure Marcello Mastroianni would attest)! Also, famed Italian poster artist, Anselmo Ballester, is credited with this unusual French version of Contre La Loi aka Against The Law.