Ripped From The Headlines!

Judging from recent headlines, newspapers are dying off fast — but you can’t beat the stories (as I’m sure Marcello Mastroianni would attest)! Also, famed Italian poster artist, Anselmo Ballester, is credited with this unusual French version of Contre La Loi aka Against The Law.

Bocce Balls of Joy!

Okay, I’m ripping off the “Bocce balls!” line from Splash — but there’s nothing that gets me more pumped for the weekend than big, bright, bouncy, colorful balls…on movie posters!

Marriage and Divorce, Italian Movie Poster Style

Continuing with the Italian theme, here are some of the best foreign film posters from the Marcello Mastroianni-Sophia Loren romance sagas, Divorce Italian Style (1961) and Marriage Italian Style (1964). (The order is Italian, French, Argentinean, and another Frenchie by Ferracci.)