Keyhole-y Moly!

Here’s a quartet of keyhole-view movie posters through the eyes of famed French poster artists, Guy Gerard Noel (top left), Boris Grinsson (top right), and Hervé Morvan (bottom left), and an anonymous Belgian…

Cute Couples!

Here’s a couple movie posters about some fun / romantic /cheesy couples from all over the globe…

The Last Sunsets

Here’s a Belgian movie poster and two Frenchies of The Last Sunset, a 1961 love triangle western starring Kirk Douglas and Rock Hudson.

The far one on the right is by famed French horror poster artist, Guy Gérard Noël, and the middle version might be as well, too, but I could not officially confirm as of press time.

Up Close and Persona

I’ve actually never seen Persona, the 1966 Ingmar Bergman film starring Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson, but if it’s even half as cool as these posters than surely it can’t be that depressing.

The UK poster was designed by famed Academy Cinemas linocutter, Peter Strausfeld, and the Belgian version (middle) comes via the impressive MyPosterCollection, which also features a nice selection of Japanese posters.