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star_wars_ver4the man who fell to earth

Tom Chantrell                                    Vic Fair

mean streets strausfeld

Peter Strausfeld


Eric Pulford & Renato Fratini

Arnaldo Putzu

honkytonk man48Hrs_onesheet_UK-1

Tom Beauvais                                              Brian Bysouth

Do It David O’Daniel Style!

Much like his predecessors — and contemporaries — Peter Strausfeld, Olly Moss, and Jason Munn who all supplied their original movie poster visions to the UK’s Academy Cinema and Alamo Drafthouse, respectively — now comes along David O’Daniel and his wonderful limited edition silkscreens for The Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

Up Close and Persona

I’ve actually never seen Persona, the 1966 Ingmar Bergman film starring Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson, but if it’s even half as cool as these posters than surely it can’t be that depressing.

The UK poster was designed by famed Academy Cinemas linocutter, Peter Strausfeld, and the Belgian version (middle) comes via the impressive MyPosterCollection, which also features a nice selection of Japanese posters.

The House That Strausfeld Built

For roughly 35 years, from post-WWII up until 1980, Peter Strausfeld created unique, limited edition movie posters in wood and lino-cuts for just one venue: the Academy Cinema theatre in London, England.

Think about it. That’s like if the Cinerama Dome or Grauman’s Chinese Theatre had their own personal movie poster designer back in the day. That said, Mr. Strausfeld’s painstakingly made posters are now extremely rare, but you can buy some affordable reproductions at various online print shops.