Classy Belinsky

Constantin Belinsky, the Godfather of French B-movie action posters — and a frequent contributor to our beloved Kitchen Sink section — once started out with a very clean, elegant look for his posters as seen below in this early 1950s affiche.

However, possibly upon realizing that popular artists of the time such as Bernard Lancy, Henri Cerutti, and Herve Morvan had already perfected that look — he invented his own colorful style, thus moving onto bigger and bolder designs!

Lancy Drew!

Although La Grande Illusion is definitely his magnum opus, Bernard Lancy (1892-1964) has plenty of French grandes that are equally timeless — and he’s one of the select few French artists also commissioned do a Japanese poster (for The Philadelphia Story). (via MoviePosterDB)

Illusions of Grandeur

Today’s smackdown features the grandiose illustration work of French poster artists, Hervé Morvan (top right + middle) and Bernard Lancy (top left)…

Of course, this Grand Illusion has nothing to do with the classic 1970’s album by Styx