It’s So Major!

If you’re looking for holiday presents, you can stock up at EMoviePoster’s December 2012 Mini/Major Auction where there’s something for everyone — with parts II and III ending Tuesday and Thursday this week!


Don’t Know Much About History…

Who says you can’t learn something new everyday? I came across this classic article on the history of movie posters and the National Screen Service, written by none other than longtime EMP dealer, Bruce Hershenson, way back in 1998. So I thought I’d share it with those who missed it the first time around…(via All Poster Forum)

EMoviePoster For President!

Now for some shameless joint-promotion, here’s a web ad I created for every collector’s favorite movie poster auction house,

EMoviePoster Goes Large!

If you’re into really big, oversized movie posters, you might wanna check out the auction that expires today around 5pm PST over at You can spend anywhere from $1 to $1,000+ (plus shipping, of course). Here’s a few of my funkier favorites…