The Way We Was…

Over the long weekend, I picked up the Italian 1p movie poster (aka “foglio”) of The Way We Were from EMoviePoster for $40 (top left).

Initially, moments after winning, I felt a bit of buyer’s remorse since I’m not a huge Streisand fan, but then I saw that it was going for $300 and up on other websites, which made me feel much better…Plus, with Christmas coming around the corner, I need to get something for Grandma. You know how the ladies love that Bobby Redford!

EMoviePoster For President!

Now for some shameless joint-promotion, here’s a web ad I created for every collector’s favorite movie poster auction house,

Sundance Kids

The Sundance Film Festival has had its share of winners and losers over the years…(Although any movie that gets made is a victory in my book!)

Which ones do you remember?