Feel The Expendability!

This weekend’s big new release is like an action fan’s wet dream. Whether or not it muscles out a billion bucks at the box office, you’ve gotta admire Stallone & Co. for trying!

Expendable Characters

Only time will tell if these character posters are truly expendable. But I wonder if Sly came up with the title for his new movie while reciting lines from his old Rambo movies.

New Bruce Willis Movie or Calvin Klein Ad?

Remember when Bruce Willis was actually in good movies? Now they don’t even put his big, goofy mug on the poster…

Surrogates Banner WomanSurrogates Banner ManSurrogates Banner Woman 2

I think I’ll pay a surrogate to go watch this one for me.

The Return of Bruno Willis?

bruno willisAfter Moonlighting and before Bruce Willis became known as Ashton Kutcher’s ex-husband-in-law, he once put out an album called The Return of Bruno.
bruno willis1b