Meet The Sauvages…

Here’s some savagely beautiful sauvage (means “wild” in French) things from Boris Grinsson (top), Constantin Belinsky (The Wild One and bottom, middle), Roger Soubie (Hud, middle right), and Clement Hurel (bottom right)!

What’s Your Poison?

From Boris Grinsson and Clement Hurel come these two pretty poisonous posters!

Yes, Siry!

If French poster artist, Jean-Etienne Siry, hadn’t been employed in the movie studio art department, he could have easily gotten work doing fashion illustrations with his unique, stylish, colorful sketches.

However, luckily for us movie poster fans, his fun, light, witty designs — much like those of the great Clement Hurel — will always be in style! (via Dominique Besson)

Best of Bardot

Monday’s mention of Claudia Schiffer doing her best Brigitte Bardot in the Guess Jeans ads made me realize…why not show the real thing? After all, it’s no accident that many of the world’s greatest French poster artists — including Rene Peron, Jean Mascii, Guy Gerard Noel, and Clement Hurel — have done some of their best work to capture her.

Though by no means a definitive list, here’s a few of Bardot’s best…

Once Upon A Smackdown!

Many a talented poster artist has tried tackling the early 80’s mafia pic, Once Upon A Time In America, including Renato Casaro (top left), Clement Hurel (top middle and top right), and Jan Mlodozeniec (bottom, middle), the Polish superstar.

Meansheets Poster Shop Grand Opening!

Ah, today’s a sad day. I’ve come to the realization (or at least my significant other has) that I have too many posters, and not enough wall space…

So I’ve decided to put up a few of my “extra” vintage one sheets and French posters up for sale at the brand-spankin’ new Meansheets Poster Shop on Etsy for all those artsy craftsy design folks out there!

So if you have the wall space, my loss could be your gain…as well as my wife’s!

Monday Poster Smackdown!

Here’s the Burt Reynolds classic, The Cannonball Run by two movie poster artist heavyweights…Drew Struzan (USA) vs. Clement Hurel (France). Vroom, vroom!


From two of my favorite French movie poster artists, Guy Gérard Noël and Clement Hurel (top middle + right), come these ridiculously vibrant versions of the 1955 film, Marguerite De La Nuit

Nathalie Posters!

I came across this 1957 French actioner, Nathalie (which was later re-titled in the USA as The Foxiest Girl In Paris) while looking up stuff on Clement Hurel whose tell-tale style is recognizable in a few of these French poster versions. (via Moviecovers)

Have no idea what the film is about, but if the movie posters are any indication, it could be ripe for a kickass remake with Angelina Jolie.