Franco Sinatra?

We’ve seen “French” Frank Sinatra — so how ’bout these Italian beauties of Ol’ Blue Eyes? Art by Sandro Symeoni (top) and Ercole Brini (bottom). (EMP)

italian_2p_come_blow_your_horn_JC03700_Litalian_1p_come_blow__your_horn symeonimarriage on the rocks sinatra italian poster ercole brini

Franco-Italian Poster Smackdown!

Sometimes two different artists from two different countries — Clement Hurel (France) and Sandro Symeoni (Italy) — can come up with remarkably similar-looking posters for entirely different films…(KinoArt)

Symeoni Does Bardot

…but wait, let’s not forget these classic Bardots (And God Created Woman, The Night Heaven Fell) by Italian Stallion, Sandro Symeoni! (via DominiqueBesson)

Symeoni Says

If you’re into Italian movie posters, then surely you’ve seen the work of Sandro Symeoni. He might not have gotten the A-list jobs like the infamous BCM Studio, but his work was in many cases just as memorable

Django Was His Name-o!

While Clint Eastwood became the king of the Spaghetti Westerns, there was also another Italian badass by the name of Franco Nero who starred in a bunch of Django movies and was the poster boy for a bunch of really cool Italian posters. Would’ve loved to have seen ol’ Franco and Clint in a shootout!

My personal favorite is the Tempo di Massacro (aka The Brute and the Beast) by Italian artist, Sandro Symeoni (top, middle), but then again, the Django (bottom) by Rodolfo Gasparri ain’t bad either.