Italian Movie Poster Artists…

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on the waterfront italian poster ballesterleft handed gun italian movie poster martinaticasablanca italian movie poster martinati

Anselmo Ballester             Luigi Martinati                Luigi Martinati 2

french cancan italian foglio 55x78 italian poster ercole brini manifestojubal italian poster capitani
Ercole Brini                                          Alfredo Capitani

thunderball italian movie poster ciriellothe asphalt jungle italian movie poster cesselonjames bond casino royale italian poster giorgio olivetti peter sellers

Averardo Ciriello               Angelo Cesselon              Giorgio Olivetti

north by northwest italian movie poster enzo nistritang shan da xiong big boss bruce lee poster italian poster giuliano nistri

Enzo Nistri                                             Giuliano Nistri

italian_1p_peeping_tom casarothe night heaven fell italian poster bardot symeoni
Renato Casaro                                    Sandro Symeoni

french_1p_french_cancan_styleB_linen_JM01527_Latoll k laurel and hardy italian poster enrico de setabus stop french movie poster geleng

Rene Gruau                       Enrico De Seta                Rinaldo Geleng

italian_2p_gunman_of_one_hundred_crosses p franco movie posterfor a few dollars more italian poster foglio gasparrijohnny dark italian movie poster tarantelli
Picchioni Franco               Rodolfo Gasparri             Ezio Tarantelli

cat on a hot tin roof italian movie poster nanomuhammad ali the greatest italian poster tino avellila rivolta italian poster piovano
Silvano (“Nano”) Campeggi        Tino Avelli                 Mario Piovano

billy_jack_ver2_xlg ermanno iaiagilda italian manifesto manfredo acerbobarbarella originale d'affiche italienne de cinéma de MOS Mario De Berardinisitalian_2p_unholy_rollers aller
Ermanno Iaia  Manfredo Acerbo  Mario De Berardinis      Aller

river of no return riviere-sans-retour-ital-2F poster alberto spagnoli

Alberto Spagnoli

Kitchen Sink Casaros?

Even a poster artist genius like Renato Casaro can overthink it a bit…(EMP)

Scary Casaro!

When most movie poster lovers think of Renato Casaro, they recall his strong, bold dramatic work for Conan the Barbarian and Amadeus.

But let’s not forget that he could also be scary. Very scary…

Once Upon A Smackdown!

Many a talented poster artist has tried tackling the early 80’s mafia pic, Once Upon A Time In America, including Renato Casaro (top left), Clement Hurel (top middle and top right), and Jan Mlodozeniec (bottom, middle), the Polish superstar.

Casaro the Barbarian!

The Italian-born Renato Casaro has worked with his fair share of auteurs, including Bernardo Bertolucci, Francis Ford Coppola and yes, even Kevin Costner.

Having sketched out a distinguished career of painting epic scenes and classic Hollywood spoofs, he has since moved onto do portraits of the American West and African wildlife, much like his fellow contemporaries, John Solie, Robert Tanenbaum, and Howard Terpning.