Once Upon A Smackdown!

Many a talented poster artist has tried tackling the early 80’s mafia pic, Once Upon A Time In America, including Renato Casaro (top left), Clement Hurel (top middle and top right), and Jan Mlodozeniec (bottom, middle), the Polish superstar.

Hurrah For Hurel!

Clement Hurel (1927-2008) was unquestionably one of the more witty French movie poster designers to decorate the industry. Mimicking Picasso’s range, he transitioned easily from Realism to a looser, humorous Cubist style. He could do silly. He could do sexy. He could do strong. As well any other feeling to express the themes of the inventive film posters he dreamed up.

And he was also an outspoken critic of the movie business when it did not recognize the intellectual copyrights of the artíste and fought to protect artists’ ownership interests right up until his dying day. (via Dominique Besson and Intemporel)

Bugsy & Hooch!

No, this is not a sequel to the Tom Hanks dog buddy comedy. I’m talking movies about Prohibition! I finally got around to seeing Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and started getting a little nostalgic about some other gangster/moonshiney movie posters of yore…

But if you literally want to get into the Prohibitive spirits, check out the Speakeasy Ales brewery in San Francisco. And The Atlantic also recently published an article about Hipster Moonshine.

Wow, after all this liquor talk, I need a drink!