Twilight Rides Again!

I know all the kids are talking about that new Twilight movie — and it’s so nice to see that a Hollywood legend like Paul Newman still has staying power!


Remember when the worst thing that teenage gangs did was whistle obnoxiously at girls walking by…or maybe some knucklehead pulled a knife in the park? (IMP)

Mamma Mia?

Amanda Seyfried, the star of such teen films as Red Riding Hood and Mamma Mia!, has undertaken an undeniably more hardcore role in her upcoming flick, Lovelace, in which she portrays Linda Lovelace, the troubled 1970’s porn star of Deep Throat.

To find out the skinny on this scandalous time in American film history, check out the trailer of the 2005 doc, Inside Deep Throat, and, of course, don’t forget that legendary scene from Robert Redford in All The President’s Men. (ImpAwards)

Movie Poster Reunion!

As Peaches & Herb used to croon, “Re-united and it feels so gooooood…” Or excruciatingly painful, depending on your high school/college experience. But with the big American Pie reunion happening this weekend, I thought it time to check back in with some old movie friends to watch good times and funny awkward conversations…

Crushin’ the Tide!

It looks like Blue Crush director, John Stockwell (who you may remember as an actor from Losin’ It, My Science Project, and Top Gun), is going back to the Stockwell again with Dark Tide!

Sparks of Love!

Okay, sorry to get all mushy on you, but one man heartbreaker, Nicholas Sparks, has written the book The Notebook on the romance genre in the last decade or so with his tender-hearted tales…so much so that pretty much every romantic drama now looks like a Nicholas Sparks novel.

For instance, this weekend’s The Vow? Looks like a Sparks, sounds like a Sparks, but not actually a Sparks.

Can you tell which movie posters below are based on Nicholas Sparks novels and which are merely just trying to give off sparks? (ImpAwards)

Girls Riding In Cars With Boys

This new dramatic poster for The Paperboy takes me back to that less serious 80s teenage sex pic, Mischief

Flash-Rock of Ages?

Flashdance fans should be flattered. First, Coyote Ugly borrowed its plot — and now the new Tom Cruise hair metal band flick, Rock of Ages, is taking a cue from its key art.

Oh well. The trailer does look pretty good!

Adventures in Babysitting 2011?

Fresh off his on-the-Moneyball portrayal, let’s hope that Jonah Hill’s new R-rated-looking PG-13 flick, The Sitter, is as funny and charming as the original PG’d Adventures In Babysitting (w/poster by Drew Struzan). (ImpAwards)