Drew Struzan Movie Poster Documentary…

drew_the_man_behind_the_posterFancy Drew Struzan: The Man Behind The Poster? The most popular movie poster artist of the 80s and 90s is getting the documentary treatment.

So here’s what most movie poster fans wanna know: how come they didn’t hire the legend to do his own one-sheet? (IMP)

Dr. Strange-doc

There’s a new documentary screening at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) about French graphic artist, Tomi Ungerer (best known to movie poster fans for his Dr. Strangelove one-sheet), that’s aptly titled, Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story.

WARNING: The trailer below isn’t for the easily offended as it features Ungerer’s tormented childhood escaping the Nazis — as well as some of his weird, wonderful commercial work and, in later years, strange transition from children’s book author to erotic illustrator.