Morton Downey Movie…

Before Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity, there was a big mouthed, Shepard Smith-looking TV talk show host called Morton Downey. And now you can see Evocateur, the documentary about the man — and the one-sheet which is a clever take-off on the famous Pink Floyd poster.

evocateur movie posterpink-floyd-the-wall-poster

The Catcher in the Rye Returns

Anybody who went to English class in the past sixty years or so has probably read J.D. Salinger’s classic coming-of-age novel, The Catcher in the Rye (below, right).

And now there’s a documentary coming out soon about the notoriously reclusive (now deceased) author, which is aptly-titled, Salinger — and I’m liking the paperback cover-inspired poster. (THR)


Jackie Robinson Steals Home

With Spring Training starting up this week, baseball season is sliding down upon us — so here’s the new Jackie Robinson Story one-sheet that just came out (titled 42). Let’s see how it stands up to the original…(IMP / FilmPosters)

forty_two_ver2jackie robinson story movie posterjackie robinson apple poster

Dr. Strange-doc

There’s a new documentary screening at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) about French graphic artist, Tomi Ungerer (best known to movie poster fans for his Dr. Strangelove one-sheet), that’s aptly titled, Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story.

WARNING: The trailer below isn’t for the easily offended as it features Ungerer’s tormented childhood escaping the Nazis — as well as some of his weird, wonderful commercial work and, in later years, strange transition from children’s book author to erotic illustrator.

Death of An Art Collector…

Herb Vogel, a postal clerk-turned-art collector, has died at the age of 89. If you haven’t seen the fascinating 2009 doc, Herb and Dorothy, be sure to check it out and see how this man, who never made more than $23,000 a year, and his wife, amassed one of the greatest collections of modern art that the world has ever seen — and later donated it to Washington D.C.’s National Gallery of Art, as well as galleries all in 50 states. A true American original!

In Love With L’Amour

I’m not a super fashionable guy (as my friends and family will attest!) — but I am fashion-ated with this new documentary, L’Amour Fou, now available on DVD about the life and death of legendary designer, Yves Saint Laurent.

Following the icon’s death, Pierre Bergé, Mr. Saint Laurent’s lover of 50+ years, decided to auction off their prized art collection and luxury furnishings (which brought in a cool $484 million) — and the pic is a mournful, meditative look at not only their relationship, but also the obsessive nature of collectors — and brings up the question: is it the person or the stuff that brings true value to life?

Architecturally Significant Posters

They say talking about music is like dancing about architecture. If so, then that means that talking about movie posters that talk about architecture is like…really, really confusing.

In any event, I’m not sure if any of these qualify as great movies, except for Playtime and Metropolis — but they are pretty to look at!

Stolen Art?

This weekend, I got a chance to see the captivating doc, The Art of The Steal, which details the “transfer” of the art collection of The Barnes Foundation, which houses some of the most valuable 19th and 20th Century Impressionist artworks in America (lots of Renoirs, Cézannes, and Matisses) from a small educational institution in Pennsylvania to The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The film brings up many interesting questions about the big business of culture, so whether you view the film as a non-profit corporate takeover (which the filmmakers obviously do) or just a conspiracy theory, it’s definitely worth adding to your Netflix list.

Plus, for all you mighty poster collectors out there, the film advises the importance of drawing up an iron-clad will to protect your wishes and those of the future owners of your most prized pieces!


I think these two recent posters for the Joaquin Phoenix documentary, I’m Still Here, and the Tilda Swinton-starrer, I Am Love, prove that the “disappearing” font is now officially a pop design trend…