Drew Struzan Movie Poster Documentary…

drew_the_man_behind_the_posterFancy Drew Struzan: The Man Behind The Poster? The most popular movie poster artist of the 80s and 90s is getting the documentary treatment.

So here’s what most movie poster fans wanna know: how come they didn’t hire the legend to do his own one-sheet? (IMP)

Drew Struzan Strikes Back?

Never hire a design company to do a legend’s job — er, that’s what Disney must be thinking as they’ve contacted Drew Struzan to do some artwork for the new Star Wars films.(Business Insider)

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Ivan & Ivana Come To America

On that grand old USA holiday, Thanksgiving, I think we all should give thanks because sometimes Coming To America isn’t always as fruitful or funny as an Eddie Murphy or an Albert Brooks film — as this young couple from war-torn Kosovo found out in Ivan & Ivana

The Goon Squad

Move over, Drew Struzan — here comes something a little bloodier. The Goonies + Slap Shot = GOON !

By the way, the artist that did the 1970s Slap Shot poster is Craig Nelson (not Craig T. Nelson of Coach) and he also created John Wayne and The Cowboys — and unfortunately got caught up in the notorious Moscow On The Hudson-Saul Steinberg one-sheet scandal.

Adventures in Babysitting 2011?

Fresh off his on-the-Moneyball portrayal, let’s hope that Jonah Hill’s new R-rated-looking PG-13 flick, The Sitter, is as funny and charming as the original PG’d Adventures In Babysitting (w/poster by Drew Struzan). (ImpAwards)

The Muppets Meet Marshall!

The Muppets are coming back for Thanksgiving with a new movie from the Forgetting Sarah Marshall guy, Jason Segel — who, if you recall in the film, performed a funny/touching song by his character who was purportedly writing a Dracula puppet musical.

Below is the new teaser poster, along with some vintage one-sheets by Drew Struzan from the 1979 Muppet movie…plus the Dracula song clip!

The Art of Drew Struzan

If you’re a movie poster fan who likes the stories behind the one-sheets, then be sure to check out The Art of Drew Struzan book (not to be confused with The Movie Posters of Drew Struzan). This elegant coffeetable edition on the legendary 80s movie poster maker shows off Struzan’s huge oeuvre as well as provides an insightful look at his thought process, displaying the many different versions of designs — including lots of rejects — he has come up with over the years.

With an introduction by Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption), Struzan tells of his joys and frustrations with the movie poster biz, including how he didn’t actually meet Harrison Ford in person until 2010 (well after the proven popularity of his Indiana Jones posters) and how he recycled this unused Crocodile Dundee art (below) into the classic Coming To America movie poster…

Poster Crush: EatBrie!

EatBrie, the humble home of Thierry Brame’s movie poster collection, is a feast for the eyes. The modest Brame will tell you that his bounty is no big deal, but don’t believe a word of it! Rumored to have the world’s largest stash of Spielberg one-sheets (aside from Mr. Spielberg, I’m sure), Brame’s website breaks down his posters into an easy searchable database by Actors/Actresses, Director, Genre, Country of Origin, Release Date — and, my personal favorite, Last 100 Purchases, where he shows off his most recent mouth-watering buys.

So if you have an insatiable appetite for movie posters, dig into EatBrie — and join his All Poster Forum!

Remake Monday: The Things

Howard Hawks (1951) vs. John Carpenter (1982) — with some help from Drew Struzan on the poster.