Remake Monday: Bedazzled!

Raquel Welch (1967) vs. Liz Hurley (2000)…

Burnt Sienna Miller

Is it just me or does Sienna Miller of G.I. Joe seem like this generation’s Elizabeth Hurley?

burnt siennaaustin_powers_1

Hmmm, famous in England before she hits America…Famous breakup with much more famous English movie star (Hugh Grant/Jude Law)…and now first big movie in a sexy jumpsuit whilst holding a gun…Coincidence? I think not!

Dane Gets Cooked

And you think you have a bad family? Okay, I know a lotta folks don’t find Dane Cook very funny, but did the un-funnyman really deserve to get $11 mill ripped off from his own half-bro?

Hope he didn’t blow his wad on Tourgasm!