Rocky Manhattan Hall!

What do Sly Stallone and Woody Allen have in common? Apparently, a lot — if you look at their classic one-sheets from the 70s. (IMP)

rocky_ver1annie hallmanhattanrocky

Baseball is Back!

MLB’s Opening Day is here!


Jackie Robinson Steals Home

With Spring Training starting up this week, baseball season is sliding down upon us — so here’s the new Jackie Robinson Story one-sheet that just came out (titled 42). Let’s see how it stands up to the original…(IMP / FilmPosters)

forty_two_ver2jackie robinson story movie posterjackie robinson apple poster


The new Iceman poster looks a lot better than the 1984 one-sheet starring Timothy Hutton (right) — but the coolest Iceman by far is, of course, George Gervin and his vintage 1970s Nike poster.

iceman_ver2iceman 1984 postericeman

Clint’s Next Pitch…

Fresh off his rabble-rousing GOP convention speech, it looks like Clint Eastwood’s Trouble With the Curve is taking the Moneyball approach to its one-sheets. Translation: this movie’s about more than just baseball.

Stay Gold!

As the 2012 Summer Olympic Games wraps up this weekend, I’d like to remind all you movie poster participants that you’re all winners in my book! (IMP)

Brand Neiman.

Leroy Neiman, the popular sports artisté, passed away at the age of 91. Although his streaky, colorful, kinetic paintings were not everyone’s cup of tea, you had to admire the guy’s old-fashioned raconteur style — sporting his signature handlebar moustache — as he sat ringside at every major professional sports event, painting such athletic legends as Muhammad Ali, Joe Namath, and Michael Jordan.

Movie Poster Rematch!

In case you missed these 2011 films the first time around in the theatres, The Ides of March and Warrior are now out for round two on Netflix.

Nun Show!

While perusing the IMP, I came across a new release this weekend called The Mighty Macs — and I can hear the pitch now: “Sister Act meets Hoosiers…It’s a slam dunk!”