The Beauty of Bradbury

Upon hearing of the passing of science-fiction/fantasy writer extraordinaire, Ray Bradbury, I thought back to when I first moved to Los Angeles in the late 90’s and heard the legend was doing a local neighborhood bookstore signing (which wasn’t that unusual since he was known to graciously sign everything!).

I’m not much of an autograph hound — or a sci-fi geek — but for some reason I got his John Hancock. Such a sweetheart of a guy. Here’s what he wrote…

The First Noël…

Guy Gérard Noël was born Guy Carré — but later changed his name to Noël because he was born on Christmas day (and also because I’m sure he felt the moniker gave him a little more caché as an artisté).

Although he is undoubtedly most remembered for his seriously spooky output on the Hammer Horror series of posters distributed by Universal from 1950-1973, I personally have always found his romantic drama pieces much more appealing. But that’s just me. If you really want to know Noël, then you must check out EatBrie’s scary collection or, of course, just buy the book.

After retiring to the French countryside in the late 60’s to illustrate books and record covers, Noël died of a heart attack in 1994 at the age of 82.