Brand Neiman.

Leroy Neiman, the popular sports artisté, passed away at the age of 91. Although his streaky, colorful, kinetic paintings were not everyone’s cup of tea, you had to admire the guy’s old-fashioned raconteur style — sporting his signature handlebar moustache — as he sat ringside at every major professional sports event, painting such athletic legends as Muhammad Ali, Joe Namath, and Michael Jordan.

The Beauty of Bradbury

Upon hearing of the passing of science-fiction/fantasy writer extraordinaire, Ray Bradbury, I thought back to when I first moved to Los Angeles in the late 90’s and heard the legend was doing a local neighborhood bookstore signing (which wasn’t that unusual since he was known to graciously sign everything!).

I’m not much of an autograph hound — or a sci-fi geek — but for some reason I got his John Hancock. Such a sweetheart of a guy. Here’s what he wrote…

Elizabeth Taylor Dies

Elizabeth Taylor, one of Hollywood’s great golden beauties, has died at the age of 79. Known for her sexy screen presence and a tumultuous romantic life, most notably a torrid on-and-off affair with fellow actor, Richard Burton, Ms. Taylor spent the latter chapter of her life dedicated to many charity causes, including fighting AIDS. Long live the queen!