Meatballs Movie Poster Maker

Morgan Kane, most familiar to me personally because of his work on the Meatballs movie poster, got his start in the graphic design biz way back during World War II when he was assigned to the Office of Flying Safety where he illustrated flying manuals and safety posters. But then after the war, he moved to Chicago doing commercial work and was published in magazines like Esquire, McCall’s, Ladies Home Journal, and The Saturday Evening Post (which may explain his Rockwell-esque style of drawing in some samples).

In 1963, he opened his own photo studio and it wasn’t long before the movie studios came calling and he created the classic James Bond For Your Eyes Only poster as well as hundreds of others. And on a side note, he later took up hypnosis as a hobby and became President of the National Federation of Hypnotists…which may explain why his work is so transfixing!

Oh yeah, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Meatballs, check out this classic scene with Bill Murray…


Keeping up with the body parts theme, here’s a nice little spread from Imgur via Cinematical

What The Heck Happened To MeanSheets?

MeanSheets was originally created to spoof movies, movie stars, and all of the seemingly infinite pop culture references that saturate our snarky, celebrity-obsessed society. But after a while, I felt kinda sleazy trying to catch up on all of the gossip about Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian…

So, MeanSheets has been rejuven-amped!

MeanSheets will now focus on the art of the movie poster and the many incredibly talented and largely unknown movie poster artists and designers of the 20th Century. So consider MeanSheets like an online museum — where we pay tribute to the Picassos and Matisses of the movie poster world.

And for those of you who still miss the Megan Fox pics, there’s always the archives!